As a member of Hentai Tentacles you’re given full access to the broad collection of cartoons created by a broad roster of artists, some of which fans of the genre will no doubt be familiar with already. Navigating is rather simple since it’s either single pictures or galleries with multiple images exploring the same encounter and you’re doing little more than clicking on the thumbnails that look sexy. The pictures are almost all high resolution, which allows you to appreciate every little detail featured in these fantasy images.

hentai tentacles

Unlike live action porn, the beautiful drawings of Hentai Tentacles allow the artists to explore the depths of this particular niche. The girls are universally gorgeous and always have sizable breasts, some huge, that are wrapped up in tentacles and sometimes squeezed so tight they begin to change colors. Every hole gets fucked and you’ll see looks of pure pleasure and agony cross the faces of the ladies as they’re being used by the monster that has captured them for its pleasure. I find the tentacle pregnancy pictures to be especially kinky and sexy and there are plenty of them.

A few artists have tried to innovate and push the envelope, such as those that include a smaller picture of what the girl’s insides look like as the tentacle slides into her. That’s an extra level of naughtiness that’s always a thrill to see. As is usual, almost every imagine includes lots of cum from the monster either filling or coating the girl. Members of Hentai Tentacles are also given access to a collection of bonus sites that feature more content in the same genre. Ultimately you’re getting a great deal when you join.