One of the best things about tentacle porn is that it allows for the kind of fucking that simply couldn’t happen in the real world. Even live action versions of it don’t come close to depicting the sort of stuff that happens at Tentacle Fucking, a picture site with an impressive collection of full color drawings from talented artists around the world.

I like a lot of things about the site, but the extreme nature of many of the images is my favorite part. I love seeing a girl get instantly pregnant from a tentacle insemination and watching her tits and stomach swell up as the monster implants its seed inside her. A good tentacle double penetration is hot, especially when the girl is clearly being stretched by the huge size of the monster’s cocks as they slide inside her. When the artists chooses to make his tentacle monster a little bit scary looking I always find it extra sexy because he’s really tapping into the dark side of his imagination and letting me inside too.

Tentacle Fucking is largely a single image site, which is both a strength and weakness. It’s nice when you can follow a story or at least see the sex between the monster and girl advance and you’re mostly robbed of that here. However, the focus on single images allows for the artist to go into much greater detail and really create something beautiful. As a member you get access to a network of bonus sites that include a fair amount of tentacle porn. There are live action and hentai videos and pictures in the collection.