On the tour for Hot Tentacles Porn they call it the “weirdest kind of porn you could ever think of” and that’s absolutely worth celebrating. This strange and wonderful form of adult entertainment will always be hugely arousing and in the member’s area it’s clear they’ve let their artists go wild in the creation of many varied pictures and galleries of incredible tentacle sex. In most cases it’s just the tentacles wrapping around a girl, but I was pleased to see that in some the artist has drawn the actual monster that guides them and it’s usually terrifying.

One of the main pillars of pleasure in the tentacle porn world is the sense of fear that builds in the girls while they’re being wrapped up by these monsters. That’s captured in many of the images and it’s always artfully done. They don’t go over the top, but instead show just the right amount of fright that’s almost always followed by a conversion to pleasure as her pussy and asshole are filled by the throbbing tentacle monster that seeks to implant its seed deep inside the perfect host.

The sheer variety is incredible and indicates admirable imaginations on the part of the artists behind these creations. They clearly have a passion for creating drawings of beautiful girls that get fucked by monstrous tentacles. The pussy stretching is a personal favorite and it always comes with that look of pain on the girl’s face as she’s penetrated by something bigger than has ever been inside her. I do wish Hot Tentacles Porn had more comics and larger galleries instead of so many one off images. Members are granted access to a wide range of bonus sites that add a great deal of value.