There’s so much about tentacle porn that’s appealing, but seeing it in live action videos really takes it to a whole different level. Real girls can do the kind of acting that’s impossible to convey in a drawing or animated movie. What a girl can do with her eyes alone is enough to make this a truly convincing collection of movies and it gets better as you dig deeper and watch more of the amazing content they’ve collected at Japanese Tentacles.

Each live action movie is downloadable or can be streamed and they look crystal clear. The girls are all young and beautiful and they play their parts to perfection and do a truly spectacular job of seeming scared of the tentacles wrapped around them and the intentions of the monster that has the girl in its grasp. Kudos should also be given to the creature designers that have done wonderful work with what must have been a limited budget. You’re not going to mistake these videos for Hollywood films, but what they’ve managed to do is rather remarkable. There’s some genuinely scary looking stuff in here and they really work hard to tune the performances and sounds so it’s believably scary.

You can stream free videos on the site right now to get an idea of what they offer in the member’s area, which also comes with access to a broad selection of tentacle sites that include more live action and animated videos. The monsters look real, the girls are genuinely scared, and the sex that they have together is kinky, wild, and so hot.