Chances are good you’ve watched a hentai tentacle movie or browsed pictures and dreamed of what it would look like in real life. Thankfully Live Action Tentacle wondered the same thing and now they’ve made it a reality. What seems like an awfully difficult feat to pull off has been executed with skill and grace and the result is a hugely arousing collection of videos and picture galleries that show cute Japanese girls helplessly entangled with tentacles that are intent on penetrating them in all manner of blissful ways.

The construction of the tentacle monsters is the most important part of the site and the key to its success. They don’t look entirely real, of course, but they are actually quite convincing. In most scenes they’re slippery with a lube that’s made to look slimy and really enhances the experience. Plus, the sound design is incredible as it’s nothing but gross and nasty slippery and gooey sounds that really set the tone and make it seem like the girl is indeed being examined and probed by a nasty monster with tentacles.

It should also be mentioned that the performances given by the Japanese AV idols are top notch. The girls have to be convincing in communicating their freight and they all do a great job of it. Most arousing is how they begin scared of what’s happening but are eventually brought over to feeling wild arousal because they’re being penetrated in the most beautiful ways possible. They get filled, horny, and get off. Most videos feature voluminous cumshots that soak the girls.