At Tentacle Art they’ve put together a carefully curated selection of high resolution, high quality images featuring some of the most intensely arousing depictions of sex between tentacle monsters and beautiful girls. It’s clear from the first picture you visit that they’ve paid close attention to detail and instructed the artists to do so as well. Nothing is overlooked in the creation of beautiful images of tentacle sex and I couldn’t help but stare at some of them for a surprisingly long time because I was genuinely enraptured.

Browsing from image to image I was impressed at how much variety the artists have created. It helps that they use a broad roster of men and women to draw their pictures because there are so many varied ideas of how to depict this kind of sex. No two tentacle monsters are the same on the site and it’s quite exciting to move to the next picture to see what that artist has come up with. It can be difficult to capture emotions in the eyes and faces of cartoons but for the most part they’ve done a terrific job here, so you will see real fear or pleasure, depending on the girl and how she’s being used by the monster.

I enjoyed that even within this rather kinky niche some of the artists were willing to get extra wild. Seeing the girls instantly impregnated by the huge creampies from the tentacle monsters is always sexy, as is anal penetration and pussy stretching that leaves a girl exhausted. If I had one complaint it would be that the collection is a little small and doesn’t grow nearly as fast as would be ideal. However, the presence of several bonus sites helps ameliorate that issue.