There are so many sites that do tentacle pictures and videos, but precious few that offer content like Tentacle Comics, which attempts to translate this unique art form to a comic book style and tell stories in the process. It’s a lovely idea, but the execution isn’t quite there. The first issue is that most of the drawings lack color, which is a huge drawback in terms of their beauty and ability to arouse and in their ability to communicate the story visually. It can be difficult to make out the details when you’re looking at a black and white pencil drawn image.

Not surprisingly the story work isn’t quite up to par, which means they’ve largely wasted the comic format. It’s an unenviable task, of course, because it’s exceedingly difficult to translate what’s arousing about tentacle sex to a genuine story, but they could have done a better job. Perhaps something was lost in translation, but the writing fails to add much to the action and doesn’t really make it any hotter.

They deserve kudos for creating full comic books of tentacle fucking though. The art style is consistent through each and you may respond to the writing more than I did. At the very least it’s worth checking out what’s available for free so you can get an idea if it’s your cup of tea. Members have access to a genuinely huge network of bonus sites, a surprising number of which feature tentacle porn, so it’s actually a pretty good deal even if you don’t like the comic work they’ve done.