Inside the well-organized member’s area of Tentacle Sexploration you’re invited to browse the beautiful single images and galleries to experience some of the fun and excitement the artists had while creating these drawings. It’s obvious that they’re all well-versed in tentacle fucking and the many forms it takes and I appreciated some of the original approaches taken. I was quite enamored with the warrior girls that were battling the monsters, and while they always lost it was exciting to see a sword swinging as the struggle to gain freedom from the tentacles played out.

Some of the drawings feature less detail that I like to see. The coloring is not as good and the women aren’t drawn quite as well as they should be, leading to a sense of dissatisfaction with those pictures. It would be better if they simply removed them. However, you can tell right away which galleries aren’t quite up to snuff and move along to the far better stuff, including some of the finest work I’ve seen in this genre.

Tentacle sexploration

There’s boundary-pushing tentacle fucking here at Tentacle Sexploration, with some of the deepest and thickest penetrations I’ve ever come across. Many artists have made a great effort to depict the struggle on the faces of their girls and it’s inevitably arousing to see. You get a fuller picture of some of the monsters to as they’re drawn as more than just tentacles, though of course that’s the most important detail. As a member you get access to a large collection of bonus sites that provide exceptional extra value.