Tentacle Toons site

Cartoon porn offers total freedom to the artists and authors behind it, and a site like Tentacle Toons is the inevitable and beautiful result. There’s a long history of tentacle porn, mostly in Japan, but it has spread around the world as a wonderfully arousing form of sexual expression where girls and multi-limbed monsters and aliens find common ground in their desire to cum. As a member of Tentacle Toons you’re given access to their breathtaking collection and can freely explore the incredible work.

They made a point of hiring a wide variety of artists to populate the site, which was a wise decision that resulted in a hugely varied collection of beautiful toon porn. In the member’s area you can browse through it all easily, choosing to look at the newest content, the highest rated, or the most popular with a thumbnailed picture to help you decide what you want to pick. The pictures are high resolution and crystal clear thanks to a dedication to quality above all else and they’ve managed to commission enough work to keep you busy for months, if not longer.

As I was browsing I couldn’t help but appreciate the widely varied art styles featured in the tentacle porn pictures. Some adhere to the more traditional hentai style favored by Japanese artists, and since that’s where this form of expression began it makes sense. Others work in a more American style of comic art, while others blend the two and still others do something entirely of their own creation, putting an individual stamp on the artwork they create with girls getting fucked by tentacles.

Tentacle Toons

Most pleasingly, the artwork in Tentacle Toons fully explores all the pleasures offered by this type of pornography. The girls are often rendered helpless by the multiple tentacles wrapped around their arms and legs and their bodies are wide open to be enjoyed by the monster that has captured them. They are explored in every hole, sometimes with a triple penetration to ensure the tentacles receive maximum pleasure while using the sweet chick they have captured. Huge loads of cum are injected into the bodies of the submissive girls and all over them, covering their tits and faces and tummies and leaving them sticky and covered in the thickness. Some girls are instantly made pregnant by the tentacle monsters and they relish the chance to carry the offspring. It’s a kinky fantasy come true and the collection is huge.

Pay a visit to the Tentacle Toons tour page and you’ll get a taste, albeit a small one, of what they have to offer inside. They’ve clearly made an effort to appeal to the senses of their audience and continue working to make the site bigger and better. As a bonus, they offer all members access to dozens of other sites in the toon porn genre, including a few others with tentacle play, making a membership and even better deal.