A collection of cute, sweet girls get fucked aggressively by tentacle monsters inside Tentacle Vault and a membership grants you access to each picture. There are single images that go into great detail, with the artist spending plenty of time crafting his beautiful girl and the creature that intends on filling her with its seed. There are also galleries that tell a story of the same girl and the monster that is using her. Those tend to be more interesting to me as you can see the progression from her fear and struggle to be free to giving up and letting her body feel the pleasure of tentacle fucking.

I was impressed with the variety at Tentacle Vault, especially with the different types of girls and monsters. There are nurses, warrior babes, beautiful brides in their wedding gowns, schoolgirls, elves, secretaries, and much more that end up in the grasp of the tentacle monsters. Perhaps more impressive is that no two monsters are the same or even really similar. That’s the true test of an artist’s imagination. If he can draw a tentacle monster that’s entirely unique to him it’s an impressive feat and most pull it off here.

The uneven quality is disappointing, however. Some pictures and galleries were clearly done by an artist that took his time and really dug into his imagination to produce something beautiful, while others were just as clearly done hastily and by an artist lacking in the talent necessary to be included in the member’s area of a pay site. With that said, there’s enough high quality content and bonus sites available that a membership is well worth the cost.