Tentacles Alert site

Tentacles Alert offers live action videos of incredible tentacle fetish sex and the production values on these are amazing. It’s so much more than shooting a simple hardcore scene as they need to craft believable tentacles and have them moving separately as a girl is surrounded and fucked relentlessly until she’s covered in the thick white juices of a monster that has just enjoyed her body.

As a member of Tentacles Alert you get access to a full collection of downloadable or streaming videos. There’s a good-sized archive of content ready to be enjoyed as soon as you join and a number of bonus sites, including more that feature tentacle porn with beautiful girls. The member’s area is well-designed off a template used by the entire network and it’s easy to browse to the pictures or videos and find exactly what you’re looking for. Just a few clicks will have a video downloading to your hard drive for safe keeping whenever you feel like getting a little kinky.

The quality of the girls they’ve filmed for these scenes is remarkable. They’re all Japanese, of course, and they’re uniformly beautiful and boast smoking hot bodies. Plus, they’re exceptionally talented performers that do a great job convincing us of the reality of their situation. This is more acting than most porn performers are called upon to do, given that they have to convey a sense of fear as the scene begins and let it slowly turn to a mixture of pleasure and fear when the pure sexual joy of being fucked by the tentacle monster becomes too much to resist. It’s a delicate balance to strike, but you’ll find the performances are exceptional and they do a great job of making the tentacle porn far more arousing.

I mentioned the excellent production values above, and it’s worth going into a little deeper because they make a huge difference in the experience. In many of the Tentacles Alert scenes they’ve designed a full set made to look like a nasty monster or alien lair with tentacles all over. They fold in pulsing sounds that make it seem like a completely different world and layer the sounds of gooey wetness on top of that and even if you had your eyes closed you might be turned on. Then the actual tentacle monsters themselves look amazing and work perfectly. Usually there are multiple tentacles playing with a girl at the same time and they all move independently while filling her holes and cumming all over her. It’s a remarkable thing to watch and the women clearly have a good time as they make these monsters ejaculate.

As a member of Tentacles Alert you’re given free access to an enormous network of bonus sites that offer satisfaction for every pornographic desire, including more tentacle porn. You get the full collection of videos from Tentacles Alert and then you can enjoy all the extras at your leisure while paying the same price.