What used to be a porn fantasy restricted to hentai movies and images has now become a live action dream come true at Wet Evil Tentacles. They’ve crafted full length scenes where sweet Japanese girls are subjected to the sexual desires of tentacle monsters that will stop at nothing to get what they want and what they’ve managed to pull off is genuinely impressive.

Like a horror movie, creature design is important at Wet Evil Tentacles. They’ve done a good job, though I wish they had invested in more creatures instead of the one they seem to use for every video. It is varied though and includes at least a dozen tentacles that wrap their way around the girl and find as many ways as possible to penetrate her and use her holes for the pursuit of its own orgasm. I like that they made each tentacle look a little different, including a few genuinely scary looking monsters that seem to have heads and mouths that can grab on to the body parts of the busty girl while she screams in desperation.

They use an especially busty model at Wet Evil Tentacles and her big tits make for a more arousing show. As she struggles her titties shake and the tentacles like to wrap around them and play with her nipples. Most of the time they’re covered in slick goo and her body ends up coated in it too, making her slippery from head to toe and leaving her all shiny. The scene only ends when the monster cums and almost completely showers the girl in hot tentacle semen. It’s a worthy site, though the bonus sites you get access to are what make it a great deal.