School Tentacles fulfills a very specific fantasy as the tentacle monsters formerly confined to hentai porn come to life and invade Japanese classrooms filled with cute schoolgirls that are helpless to resist the desires of these creatures. These are live action scenes available for download or streaming in the member’s area and they’re done in a far higher quality manner than you might expect.

As mentioned, each scene is set in school and features Japanese schoolgirls. There’s usually an introduction as we see the girl sitting in class looking bored before she goes to the locker room, bathroom, or everyone else leaves and the monster then invades and wraps its tentacles around her body. Doing a bit of work to setup the scene is a nice touch that makes this a more engrossing site that it needed to be. The monsters are typically well-designed and varied with a few genuinely scary looking touches that go a long way towards making everything more convincing and arousing. They clearly put some effort into designing and building the creatures.

I was most impressed by all the movement the tentacles do. Of course this is an important part of creating live action tentacle porn but it’s still impressive. In some of the scenes there are so many tentacles that it’s like a ballet that must have required a dozen operators to get them moving independently of each other. Hopefully you won’t even notice because you’ll be so engrossed. The site’s only significant weakness is its single location and theme. Luckily, if you want more live action tentacle porn you can visit one of the many bonus sites your membership grants you access to.